Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The purpose of this blog

Thank you for visiting the blog for Palladino Associates, written by Tony Palladino. Palladino Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and private equity owners, build and realize upon enterprise value.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss topics that entrepreneurs need to focus on, as they move from start up to sale of the business enterprise. The concept and suggestions discussed in this blog are directed to the environment in which these entrepreneurs typically work. These posts deal with business enterprises from the early start up days to the building of a mature and successful business enterprise.

Depending upon the nature of the business and the industry it serves, this maturity typically occurs at sales between $5 and $50 million. Many of the concepts discussed in this blog are applicable to any size enterprise at any stage of its development. However, a key assumption in most of these discussions is that the companies are privately held and not subject to public reporting considerations.

I welcome your comments and thoughts.

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